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Langhorne PA Family Law Blog

Marital Agreements

Given the statistics on the likelihood of divorce, many couples are opting to enter into pre-nuptial agreements to protect their rights in the event of a divorce. A pre-nuptial agreement is a private contract between the parties entered into prior to their marriage that outlines how assets and debts will be handled if the parties subsequently divorce. A post-nuptial agreement is a contract that can be entered into during the marriage. It may be contemplated in the context of temporary or long-term separation or just as a precaution to minimize litigation costs if there ever is a divorce. A standard agreement would provide that each party retains anything they acquire in their own name and that anything marital or acquired jointly will be divided based on the divorce laws or a mutually agreed upon percentage. An agreement may also provide for support to a spouse based on the number of years married or number of children produced. Alternatively, one spouse may be required to pay support as a punishment if they commit adultery during the marriage.

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Summer Vacations and Holidays

In the midst of the summer season, it may become necessary to consider how vacation time will be shared. Vacation time will generally supercede the regular custody schedule. Additionally, parties usually need to give at least thirty days written notice as to when they intend to exercise their vacation. Your custody order should dictate what should happen in the event of a conflict where both parties want the same week. Additionally, the order should spell out what additional information you need to provide to the other parent in addition to the requested dates including destination, travel arrangements, names of other parties traveling with the children and the best method of contact for the children. In the event your Order provides for more than one week vacation, check to see if weeks can be exercised consecutively or not.

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First Steps of Probate

The first item to be addressed after the death of a loved one is often the funeral or memorial service. This is something that is generally handled by the next of kin. Receipts for expenses should be kept as they can be paid out of the decedent's estate. The funeral director is usually the party that will supply the death certificates. Make sure you get several certificates from the funeral director as they will be needed as the probate process goes forward. After, or perhaps simultaneously with the funeral planning, you will want to locate the decedent's will if there is one.

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Revocation of Consent in Adoptions

One of the ways an adoption can proceed is if the natural parent(s) consent to the adoption. There are several timing rules that must be adhered to. First, the consent cannot be signed by a natural mother within 72 hours, or three days, after the birth of a child. A consent can be signed by a natural father at any time after he has been notified the child is expected to be born or has been born. Executed consents become irrevocable after 30 days. They can be revoked on the basis of fraud or duress only within 60 days.

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Summer Planning for Divorced Parents

With the end of school just two months away, it is important to start planning summer for your children. The absence of school means young children will need to be cared for in some way and teens will be arranging summer jobs. . In today's modern society we keep our children very busy and if you live here in Bucks and Montgomery PA there are many activities and camps. Your children may require the additional care of a babysitter or rides to get them to and from different places. I know there is a lot to think about.

No Gender Preference for Custody

Many parents who are considering custody litigation inquire as to whether Moms automatically get custody. It is true that Moms used to be the preferred custodians for minor children during the early twentieth century. There was a shared misconception that moms would be the better parents based on their natural nurturing instincts. This was especially true of young children or children of "tender years." In fact, a legal principle termed the "tender years doctrine" called for mothers to have custody of children until they were at least approaching their teenage years.

Presently, there are no remaining custody laws that give preference to one parent over the other based solely on gender. The Supreme Court of the United States found that the tender years doctrine was a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution, providing for equal protection for all, since it impermissibly discriminated against men based on their gender.

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How to handle a disability claim in support court

Support in Pennsylvania is dictated by the net monthly income of the parties. In the event that a party in a support matter has no income and asserts an inability to work due to medical issues, the support rules require that a physician verification form be completed. Pursuant to Pennsylvania Rule of Civil Procedure (Pa. R.C.P.) 1910.29 (b), the physician verification form should be completed by the party's physician and submitted at the time of the support conference. A sample of the actual form to be used is contained in Pa.R.C.P. 1910.29(b)(3). Supporting test results or doctor's notes can be submitted with the verification form if the party is okay with waiving their right to privacy of those documents under HIPAA.

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Child Abuse Prevention

April is National Child Abuse Prevention month. The goal is to raise awareness in respect to preventing abuse, reducing the risk of abuse and promoting healthy families. The Children's Bureau of the U.S. Department of Health sponsors the annual awareness campaign. The first Child Abuse Prevention week was recognized in 1982. It extended to an entire month of awareness the following year in 1983. The theme continues to be "Making Meaningful Connections" to promote familial and community relationships as a support system to reduce abuse. The national website at www.childwelfare.gov includes resources with practical tips for parents on preventing abuse. Topic areas include how to make healthy connections, how to feed your family, how to manage finances, and how to identify risk factors and protect against them.

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Student Loans

Student loan debt of one of the parties is considered a marital debt if acquired between the date of marriage and the date of separation. However, a student loan may not be subject to the same distribution percentages as the rest of the marital estate. Hicks v. Kubit, 758 A.2d 202 (Pa. Super. 2000) discusses the appropriate treatment of student loans in a divorce action. In Hicks, $30,776 in the way of student loans was borrowed during the marriage. The trial court only found a small portion of that total ($13,000) to be marital debt since it was deposited into a joint account and used for household expense. The balance of the loan was assigned to Wife. Wife raised an issue on appeal on the basis the entire loan should be considered marital debt. The Superior Court found that the trial court committed an error in only characterizing part of the total debt as marital, instead finding that the total loan amount acquired during the marriage would appropriate be characterized as marital debt.

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