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Dealing with Emotions of Your Divorce

When you move through your divorce you may feel as if your entire life is being turned upside down.  This upheaval can lead to emotional fallout that appears overwhelming to handle.  If you do not want to get divorced this can be even harder to comprehend and start to manage.  When we work with clients, we help them move through the process and build a stronger life for themselves so they can easily walk into their post divorce life.   Putting the right supports in place for yourself will greatly help you manage all of the pieces and stress.

After Your Divorce, Make These Changes Immediately

The process of getting divorced can be hard to move through.  When you are finally divorced you will probably want a break from making decisions and taking care of legal matters.  However, it is crucial to immediately update a few important areas of your life including your will, life insurance beneficiaries, and other estate planning documents.  

When You Get Divorced...Actually Get Divorced

Many couples who have financial problems feel like they should still co-own assets after divorce. Maybe you are upside down on the mortgage on your home and you would lose money selling it.  Perhaps you have debt you still want to co-own or can not split for some reason.  Perhaps one of you wants out of the house but there is not enough cash to be bought out.

Discussing Your Home During Divorce

If you are overwhelmed with the divorce process it is important to take a step back and get organized.  One of the most overwhelming aspects of divorce is related to getting your financial documents gathered and assessed.  For our clients in Bucks and Montgomery Counties here in PA, we know how stressful this can be, especially when it comes to your home.

September Newsletter

We love this time of year as the weather is enjoyable and more time can be spent outside.  We have had some glorious weather here in PA, even as the summer has come to a close.  With your very busy lives we want to provide you with some great information on saving money and having fun at this time of year!

Are You Too Broke to Get Divorced?

The financial implications of your divorce can be substantial and you may think you cannot afford to get divorced.  Friends and relatives may share war stories of losing a significant amount of their savings to their ex, paying unreasonable levels of child support and alimony, and paying exorbitant legal fees.  While the financial reality can be hard to face, staying in an unhealthy marriage can be harmful to you and your children. Being reasonable through the process can also reduce your legal fees and ease the impact of the process on your family.  

Your Teen and Your Divorce

All children process divorce differently and your teen will be no different.  They may be relieved if you and your spouse were constantly fighting or unhappy that mom and dad are no longer together.  They may experience a variety of emotions that they are unsure how to handle.  

Assisted Reproduction

Assisted reproduction refers to a number of procedures that may be utilized to achieve pregnancy including fertility treatments, in vitro fertilization and surrogacy. In vitro fertilization entails removing a woman's eggs from her body and implanting the eggs with sperm to create an embryo. Those embryos can be stored until ready for use. However, couples should be aware of what happens to the embryos if they subsequently separate prior to using them. In Pennsylvania, frozen embryos are considered marital property and hence, subject to division in a divorce. The Pennsylvania Superior Court stated its position on the marital status of frozen pre-embryos in Reber v. Reiss, 2012 PA Super 86. In Reber, Wife wanted to use the frozen pre-embryos in order to have children of her own whereas Husband wanted the frozen pre-embryos either destroyed or donated for research.

Social Security Retirement

Social security retirement benefits are payable based on the individual's earnings history as well as age of retirement. Full retirement age is presently 66 years old. The benefit is reduced if electing to receive the benefit earlier. The minimum age to start collecting is presently 62 years old. An individual can elect to receive benefits under the spouse's earnings history instead. An individual may receive up to 50% of their spouse's benefit. This does not impact the spouse's benefit in any way. An individual may elect to receive under their spouse's benefit if their earnings history was substantially higher.

Steps for Simple, Uncontested Divorce

The procedures outlined below are suitable for an amicable divorce where there are no ancillary issues such as equitable distribution, custody or support. First, a Complaint in Divorce must be filed with the court. This may be your local county court or another county courthouse within the Commonwealth provided you consent to their jurisdiction. The difference in filing fees is a reason why you may look into filing outside of your county. Second, the Complaint in Divorce needs to be served on the opposing party. This can be done informally by having the other party execute an Acceptance of Service. Other options include service via certified mail, return receipt requested, restricted delivery or personal service by a process server of the Sheriff's office.

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