Bucks County Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers

If you are behind on car or mortgage payments and are feeling overwhelmed, know that you are not alone. Many Americans are also struggling to get control of their financial lives. By filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can not only regain control of your finances, you can look forward to a better financial future. At Karen Ann Ulmer, P.C., we assist clients with Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings.

Chapter 13 is a reorganization proceeding that allows you to catch up on payments for assets such as:

  • Homes
  • Vehicles
  • Other nonexempt property

You will make monthly payments to a bankruptcy trustee who will distribute the payments to your creditors. Depending on your income, the payments will comprise anywhere from 10 percent to 100 percent of the debt you owe. You will make payments for three to five years. At the end of the repayment period, your remaining debts will be discharged. Chapter 13 can put you back in charge of your financial life.

Langhorne Mortgage Foreclosure Attorney

Your home is your most valuable asset. Though you are facing a foreclosure action, losing your home is not inevitable. When you file Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the court will issue an automatic stay on all creditor activities — including foreclosure actions. Once you have filed, you will have the chance to catch up on your mortgage payments and keep your home.

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