Protecting Our Clients In Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence charges bring with it challenges within the family and criminal court systems. Each system brings with it confusing legal processes and requirements that can easily overwhelm you. Do not get lost in the system. Reach out for help from committed legal advocates.

Our Bucks County and Montgomery County domestic violence attorneys are ready to represent your interests and seek the legal outcome you desire. Contact us today for a free confidential consultation.

Compassionately Representing Victims Of Spousal And Child Abuse

If you or your child is currently a victim of domestic violence, do not wait to seek help. We can assist you in immediately filing for a protective order, also called a restraining order, or a Protection From Abuse (PFA) order, which can provide you with immediate relief. One of our dedicated advocates will also represent you in any court hearings, during which we can seek child custody and support, if needed. Throughout these proceedings, we will be by your side to provide you with guidance to get you the safety you need.

Advocating For Individuals Charged With Domestic Abuse

To properly defend yourself against domestic violence charges and protect your family interests, it is important to hire an attorney who will advocate on your behalf. Our lawyers have the experience and knowledge to represent your rights as a parent within family court. Sadly, oftentimes a PFA is filed to gain an edge in a divorce even when no abuse happened.

You are likely aware that protective orders require you to keep a minimum physical distance from the person who sought the order. However, what you may not be aware of is the fact that you may be denied the right to see your children while the order is in effect. You may also be required to start paying support once a PFA order has been granted. If you are a foreign national, you could be deported. If you are divorced or are going through a divorce, this charge could have larger implications on your visitation schedule.

We will stand by your side and aggressively advocate for your parental rights. We can also appeal any order given by a family law judge, under certain circumstances.

Providing Dedicated Counsel To Noncitizens

Our team of legal advocates also has experience handling immigration consequences for noncitizens in domestic violence cases. We understand the stakes are very high in your situation, as you may be facing deportation if convicted of domestic violence.

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