Resolving Pension Issues In A Divorce

A common misconception about property division in divorce is that the process does not include pensions. In truth, the law treats pensions like any other marital asset and requires them to be divided equitably. At Karen Ann Ulmer, P.C., we can help you understand the complex issue of dividing a pension in divorce.

When dividing a pension, an accurate appraisal of the asset is essential. Our attorneys have extensive experience with pension valuation. We work closely with forensic accountants who perform a thorough appraisal of the pension to determine the accurate value of the pension. Because only the portion of the pension that was accumulated during the marriage is considered marital property, our lawyers can determine which portion of the pension is subject to division.

Types Of Pensions Facing Division

All types of pensions may be subject to division in a divorce, including:

  • State employees' pensions
  • Municipal pensions
  • Military pensions
  • Teachers' pensions
  • Corporate pensions

Protecting Your Pension

Your pension is a reflection of your hard work. We understand that you want to protect it. Though your pension is considered a marital asset and it is very likely that a portion will go to your former spouse, our attorneys can take steps to help you achieve your goals to the fullest possible extent.

Obtaining Your Fair Share

You are legally entitled to an equitable share of your spouse's pension. As Bucks County pension division attorneys, we are prepared to advocate forcefully on your behalf to ensure that you receive the portion of the pension that the law entitles you to receive.

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