Providing Counsel Following A Divorce

A divorce completely tears apart the fabric of life that you had been accustomed to. In our experience, most individuals coming out of divorce are completely unsure of what they need to do next and where they can turn to for guidance.

Explaining Life After Divorce

At Karen Ann Ulmer, P.C., in Bucks County, our lawyers provide the compassionate counsel you need to help you get back on your feet and live a productive life after separation and divorce. If you would like help identifying potential issues and brainstorming creative solutions, we are here to help. Call us at 215-752-6200 toll-free or send us an email for your free confidential consultation.

Helping You Handle Any Issue That Arises After Divorce

Life after divorce is not easy. You are not only working to manage the emotional and psychological aspects involved in "being single" again, but you are also likely struggling with finances and planning for your future. We understand what you are going through, and can discuss with you any issue that may arise, including:

  • Financially supporting yourself
  • Creating a lifestyle that fits your new situation
  • Paying or modifying child support
  • Rebuilding your credit
  • Updating your will, insurance beneficiary lists and other estate planning documents
  • Obtaining and paying for health care
  • Learning about the potential for spousal support/alimony
  • Protecting your children from any emotional stress
  • Maintaining a stable child custody and visitation schedule

Dating And Children

The reality of life after divorce includes dating. This can become complicated if you have young children. We are willing to discuss with you the best steps to take to protect the interests of your children while you date. We can speak with you about potential guidance and counseling for your child or for your family. We can also help you create a parenting plan that fits your changing needs. We have also compiled a list of valuable resources that may be of use to you during this time.

Our attorneys are here to help you through this unfamiliar territory. We have seen it all and can put our experience to use for you. For a free confidential consultation with Karen Ann Ulmer, P.C., call 215-752-6200 toll-free or send us an email.