Karen Ann Ulmer on Ask the Expert:

Karen Ann Ulmer from Karen Ann Ulmer P.C. tells us about the law firm she found in 2000. She also explains family law. What are ground for divorce in Pennsylvania? What is alimony and how is child support calculated? Does mom always get custody and what about the mediation process? Attorney Karen Ann Ulmer can be reached at (215) 752-6200.

What is Probate?:

Michael Raisman explains probate. What is it, how it’s filed and how long does it take? Attorney Raisman walks us through the entire process. He can be reach at 215-752-6200.

Grandparents Custody and Visitation Rights:

Attorney April Townsend explains Grandparents Custody and Visitation Rights. What are their rights and is adoption an option? Considerations like healthcare and going to school are discussed. Attorney Townsend can be reach at (215) 752-6200.

Steps Needed to be Executor of a Will

Attorney Michael Raisman lays out the Steps Needed to be Executor of a Will. What does an executor do and who is normally named? Are there any potential liabilities? Call Attorney Raisman at (215) 752-6200.

What is Discovery in a Divorce Proceeding?:

Attorney Russell Manning answers the question, What is Discovery in a Divorce Proceeding? What information and documents does an attorney need? Do you have to litigate or is mediation an option and what's the cost? Call Attorney Manning at (215) 752-6200.