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What happens if I don't want a divorce?

Pennsylvania has two no-fault grounds for divorce. One is where both parties consent after 90 days of one being served the complaint and the other is where one party does not consent and the other party moves the divorce forward after a two year separation. If your spouse wants a divorce and you do not want a divorce, ultimately, unless they change their mind, they will be granted a divorce. Even if you have children and you contest that it is not in the best interest of the children, if your spouse does not wish to be married anymore, ultimately, the court will grant a divorce. You can delay the divorce by not consenting to the divorce. This will force your spouse to wait the two year period from when you separated before they can move the divorce forward. Even at that point, you can still contest that it is not irretrievably broken or that the two year separation has not occurred. You can say discovery is not completed and further delay the divorce or file an appeal. While there are many ways that a divorce can be delayed, ultimately, it will become final if one of the parties wants a divorce. The day will come when the marriage will end. While you may not want a divorce, you should weigh the benefits of delaying it against the costs. Unless you really think there is a chance of reconciliation if you delay it, or you benefit financially for health insurance purposes, sometimes, moving on quicker and accepting the ultimate outcome is better. It enables you to heal quicker and create a life that does not involve the pain and emotional turmoil that a drawn out divorce creates. It also may be financially better to have the finality and save in extended legal fees. Finally, it may also make it possible to move on to a different relationship with your ex-spouse where you are able to maintain a civil relationship verus one filled with resentment for keeping them in a marriage that they no longer desire. 

For more information, see:/Family-Law-Divorce/Grounds-for-Divorce.shtml

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